All the components included in SledPlus.

Accordeon Menu.

A vertical accordeon menu, with folding sections. Perfect to use within the side panel of the hamburger page type.


Just a text block with background color (one colorf per role: alert, information…), a border and optional buttons. Perfect for a callout zone.


One or more buttons. Could be horizontal or vertical. One given color per role : default, success, alert...

Marketing section.

A single row section, with title, text and a side image that can be at the right or at the left. Optional buttons or links. Perfect for a marketing presentation purpose.

Full Marketing Section.

A single full width image with embeded text.


A simple text component that comes with a title.


Typical testimonial, with a rendering adapted to small screens.

Testimonial full.

Full width testimonial with background image.

Polaroid Header.

Fun three pictures header, customisable with an optional menu.


Media article object, with title, illustration (thumbnail) and text.


Convenient component to showcase the features of your product. The icon can be positioned at the top or on the side.

Map & Map Title.

Allow to display a Google Map (see embedded share option on GoogleMap). Two components ara available: the component with only the map and another one that comes with a title on the top of the map.

Orbit (carousel).

An images carousel with discriptions and customizable options.

Footer Site Map.

Perfect if you have a complex site map, with sections.


Contact form. The goal is to pre-fill to form. Sending will open the mail client on the visitor’s computer.

Card, Top Card, Full Card.

A set of “Card” components (including Simple Card already included in the free version) with various configurations.

Audio kit

The audio kit add three more audio components to the default HTML one available in Sled :

  • Simple audio. Just a basic audio reader with optional buttons.
  • Music Album. A list a sounds with images. Next & previous buttons allow to navigate in the list.
  • Music Album with list. A list of sounds with optional images, you play the sound by clicking into the list.

Circular patchwork header.

A circular header with an images patchwork, buttons and social links.

Images Patckwork.

Displays a grid if images. By hovering over an image the title appears. By clicking on the image, it expands and an optional description appears.

Custom HTML

Create the perfect component by using your own HTML and CSS ! You can also associate some files (images, pdf) that will be publicated with the component.

Because Sled is based on the Foundation Framework, you will get a perfect result easily.

Go further with SledPlus.

SledPlus is an In App Purchase that you can purchase from the application (see screenshoot). It enhance Sled with new features.

Multi-languages Website.

Localise your site in multiple languages. All the texts can be translated, some images, links and parameters. Generate automaticaly your pages for each language, a landing page is generated, allowing visitors to choose their languages. The project structure is optimized for search engine.

Manage your Sitemap.

Create a more complex sitemap with sections and subjections. Your sitemap will be automaticaly used in every components that use it : menus, header, footer sitemap...

Archive your projects.

Export and import your project into a full packaged portable archive, that includes all the data and files. A good way to save or share your work.

More components.

Expand your components catalog to improve your creativity. Get maps, testimonials, forms, presentations and more...

More themes.

Get more themes color variants.

More features...

  • Add scripts to your pages (that run before or after the page is loaded).
  • Add custom tags in the HTML header of the page (meta, styles…).
  • Generate a sitemap.xml at the root of your project for the search engines.
  • Add a favicon to the page (with various sizes).

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