Page types

Page types.

The page type defines how the page behave and how it displays the components. You can change the page type from the page settings (see screenshoot).

One single view page.

The page can only display one single view. Drag a view from the side menu to bind it to the page.

Multi-views strip page

This page will display a collection of views, arranged in columns.

Only with SledPlus.

Strip multi-views page with side hamburger panel

This page allow to dispatch the views in two big sections, by columns.

  1. The main section. This is the main content of the page.
  2. The side hamburger panel, that will be visible for large screens, but hidden for small ones. In this case a button allows to show or hide the panel. This is a convenient place to put a menu (see above).
  • Large screen. The side panel is opened.

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