Publish your project

Publish your project.

1. Open the « Publish » menu in the side menu.

You have to define a place where to publish your project on your local computer. Click on « Choose where to publish the project ». In the selected folder will be created a directory of the name of your projet.

2. Publish.

Once the publish location is selected, click on « Publish now ».

3. Pending process.

Let Sled do the job. The publish window will close by itself, and the Finder will open up to the right place in order to show the publish result.

4. Files.

Here is the standard structure of a generated project. Let's test your site by double-clicking on index.html.

Where to go from here…

Now you are free to deploy your projet in the server of your chose. Remember, a Sled project do not ask a lot, no database needed.

You must deploy at the root of your server the content of the publish folder chosen before.

Most providers offer an FTP deployment. You can look at free options for small needs, like Github Page or Dropbox for exemple. 

This page on explains some basic deployment methods you can use :

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