Add a video

Add a video to my site.

With Sled you can add a video to your site sheared from one of your favorite video plateforme (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…). You cannot add a video file to the project, because of project size et hosting performances purposes.

1. Add the Video component.

In the components catalog add the Video component to be able to use it in the current project.

2. Drop it in a view.

Go back to your view and drop the Video component from the side components list.

3. Set the size.

In the properties panel of the component, choose the right size (ratio) for your video. 16:9 is a standard but 9:16 is better if your video is taken from a phone in the portrait orientation.

4. Paste the code.

Go to the video in your plateform and find the share button. You should find a embed option where you can copy an html code, including an Iframe tag. Then paste this code in the properties panel.

See help documentation for a few platforms :

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