A cool Website in a matter of minutes.

For your personal site, your resume, your small business, to showcase your activity: create your site, this is fast and easy.

Here is the main screen of Sled. You can see a page under construction. The user interface is clear and practical

The Sled philosophy is to create a Website from a collection of customisable components. Just drag and drop, and see the result live. Focus in essentials, forget about the technical considerations. You quickly get a result that makes sense. This is perfect for your prototypes, perfect to showcase your activity, your products… then publish your project and host it on the provider of your choice. 

Your showcase site for your ideas, your products, to share your passion.

Combine the components, the themes and your personal images to create a large variety of atmosphere.


A collection of components allows to create a large variety of pages. Each component comes with its own behavior and logic. It could be a full customisable header, a footer, a set for marketing purpose (image + text), buttons, links…


Sled offers a collection of themes that comes with a set of accorded colors with their complementaries. Choose the palette that suits you !


All the components are designed to work on all screens sizes, out of the box. The imported images are automatically declined in three sizes to adapt the loading of the generated site to the screen on which it is viewed. You have nothing to do.


For each screen sizes, adjust the size and the position of each component, just by dragging.


With SledPlus, you can create other versions of your website in other languages. All the texts can be translated, some kind of pictures, links, as well as certain parameters. Sled will automatically generate a new landing page that let the user choose his preferred language. The whole website structure is optimised for the best search engine result, leading the visitor to the right language. 

SEO proof.

Sled will create short and readable URLs. The HTML code and the structure is made to respect as much as possible the search engine rules and behaviours. With SledPlus, generate automatically a sitemap XML file to improve the search engine crawling.


Deploy on the server of your choice. No database needed, no imposed service, no ads. Start using Sled for free and move to the SledPlus version, depending on your needs.

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